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Location Data Confidence in an Exploding Data Universe

April 22, 2019 by Sean Clayton

A recent article likening location data to a Ponzi scheme reinforced the fact that, like any good consumer, you have to ask the right questions to know what you are buying.

Location intelligence, sourced securely and used in the right way, is an extremely powerful tool to craft precise targeting, predictive modeling, and creative media that drive meaningful marketing moments, massive ROI, and brand growth. Unfortunately, the location intelligence sector has also become a jungle of data fraught with fraudulence and insecurity.

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Through Consumer Behavior and Location Sciences, SITO develops customized, data-driven solutions for brands spanning strategic insights and media. The platform reveals a deeper and more meaningful understanding of customer interests, actions and experiences providing increased clarity for clients when it comes to navigating business decisions. The company is home to the most complete, internally developed location-data technology stack in the market, offering a powerful resource for not only granular data, but also real-time insights and delivery of successful media campaigns. Using in-store targeting, proximity targeting, geo-conquesting and attribution data, the platform creates audience profiles to develop measurable hyper-targeted campaigns for brands. SITO's real-time, location-based technology gives clients the unique advantage of understanding and shaping the future of retail and consumer behavior.

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